A mathematician by training, I am a highly motivated professional with a love for solving complex problems. After completing my PhD in mathematics, I recently embarked on an exciting new adventure as a Consultant at d-fine where I guide my clients through seamlessly transition their services into the AWS cloud ecosystem.

In my former role I successfully and effectively worked in a diverse and interdisciplinary research team. One of my strengths is my ability to familiarise myself quickly with new topics and to collaborate on a deep technical level with experts from differing fields. I have a keen interest in technical questions – especially data science and machine learning.

Another interest of mine is science communication and making mathematics accessible to laypeople. I have partaken in several Science Nights, events for high schoolers and a Maths Science Slam where I presented my research in three minutes to a general audience. Feel free to reach out if you would like me to present a maths or science talk for your event!

In my PhD research I answered the question “Can soap films have facets or are they always smooth?”, focusing on the existence and regularity of anisotropic minimal surfaces. I am also interested in geometry processing and the geometry behind general relativity.

This webpage is mostly focused on my research activities, you can find details on my resume, scientific publicationsconference contributions, and my outreach activities.